Hotfox Media & Nominet

Due to the online nature of any consultancy which I do, I may register and manage domain names on behalf of my clients with Nominet UK, the UK registry which is custodian of "", "", "" and "" domains (among others). This page clarifies my code of practice and what to do in circumstances when you may wish to change or move your domain name.

(Background: The Nominet tag is principally used for friends and small clients of mine, for the purposes of maintaining their domain portfolio, and is supplied on a 'reasonable endeavours' basis, however there are too many of them for a self-managed tag, so Nominet mandate that I need to be a channel partner. Their new system now means I have to put lots of exciting and fun information about what the 'deal' is with my customers on my website, and this is that document.)

Hotfox Media Ltd act as an agent on behalf of Nominet UK, and thus registrants are bound by Nominet's Terms and Conditions of Registration.

You can always get in touch by writing to the registered office which is at 169 Netherton Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 2BD.

This document covers domain names registered on the Nominet tag 'HOTFOX'.

Domain Name Registration

I will always endeavour to make sure your registration details are correct: this means your company name or trading entity will always form your registrant name and your company address will be used for your registrant address. Most of my clients are commercial users who acknowledge that the registrant data (including address) will be posted publicly on the 'whois' lookup service; personal users may opt-out of the whois directory. You must not knowingly provide false registrant data.

I do not register domain names in my own name for third parties as this can cause problems later on down the line if the name needs transferring and is against Nominet's tagholder agreement.

If you change your address or registration details you must inform us and I will be able to make the relevant modifications with Nominet UK. If you don't tell us, I won't be able to update Nominet and you may miss important contact such as renewal notifications. As a result of this, your domain name may be suspended.

Domain Name Modification

If you wish to modify your name (for instance, change the nameservers associated with your domain) I'll normally do this within 5 working days although usually it's a lot faster.

Domain Name Renewal

Unless you explicitly notify me or I have explicitly stated this as a service on any schedule I provide to yourselves, I will not auto-renew your domain name when it falls due. You will need to note the date and I will not be held responsible for any loss of service caused by lapse of a domain name registration.

I will aim to send you a reminder when it is about to fall due. This will usually be when Nominet send me their magical spreadsheet of due renewals, and I'll drop you a line saying 'do you still want this?'. If you don't respond, I won't renew it.

You can proactively renew a domain name up to 3 months in advance and this is recommended for your own peace of mind. If you do not (eventually) renew a domain name by the renewal date with me, you will receive a final reminder direct from Nominet UK to the registrant email address on-file and the domain name may eventually be cancelled. In such cases it's very likely that another registrant will snap up the domain name so treat it as an important company asset!

Abusive Registrations

I do not participate nor recommend indulging in 'abusive domain registrations' such as typosquatting, drop-catching or obvious trademark registrations. There are many legal precedents for this and your registration may be subject to Nominet's Dispute Resolution Policy (DRS).

In the event of a DRS complaint against you (such as in case of an abusive registration), you will be required to defend this yourself and I will be obligated to action any change required by a DRS judgement.

If you find one of the domain names on the Hotfox tag is engaged in illegal or abusive practices, please get in touch via the methods given in 'Contacting Me' section below.

Fees & Charges

The fees charged to you will vary depending on the agreement I have with yourselves, and what other services you may take from us. You will however be notified of these fees in advance, and where they alter you will be given notice and the opportunity to move your domain name to another Nominet registrant (tagholder).

I will never charge to move your domain name to another registrant or tag, but if you choose to do this you acknowledge that Hotfox Media cannot further manage your domain name and I will be unable to rectify any problems that occur from thereon in.


If you have any complaints or problems with the service I provide, you're welcome to transfer your domain elsewhere at no charge once outstanding bills are settled.

You can make a complaint to me at the email address below, or by writing to the registered office. If you're unsatisfied, you can move your domain name and services elsewhere. You will still be liable for the fees incurred during provision of the service, if any have been agreed. Moving your services elsewhere is your only recourse and Hotfox Media Ltd accept no further liability whatsoever.

You'll get a response within 5 working days.

Above this, you can complain about me to Nominet via the mechanism detailed at

Contacting Me

If you wish to register a domain, have your domain name managed by ourselves, renew a domain, report spam/abuse/phishing/malware/whatever, or modify a domain, please email Jess <at> this domain name. Most of you have my mobile number, and are free to contact me on this also.

If you email me, I will usually get back to you within 5 working days.